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(International Association Of Career Consulting Firms)

Member firms of the IACCF are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in the career management consulting industry. The IACCF has established and enforces a code of self-regulating ethics. When one uses the services of an IACCF member firm, one can be confident of receiving full and ethical services, as measured by these standards.

The Client “Bill of Rights” of the IACCF

As a client of an IACCF member firm…

1. You will be treated in a professional manner, with dignity and care at all times.

2. Your job-search needs will be met in a timely manner.

3. You should clearly understand what services to expect and over what period of time they will be available.

4. You will have access to a consultant for reasonable periods of time for up to one year.

5. You will receive quality advice, guidance, and consulting regarding effective job-search strategies and techniques.

6. You may expect to receive many of the following services:

  • Consulting for you and your spouse to help you both deal with the changes in your employment situation.
  • Consultations to help you identify your marketable skills and transferable assets.
  • Direction in the identification of appropriate options that may be based on immediate/future goals and objectives.
  • Creative guidance for, and preparation of, resumes and marketing letters necessary for a comprehensive, focused job-search campaign.
  • Training in the skills of networking, so you can utilize your own contacts effectively.
  • Guidance about recruiter and company research, tailored to your search objectives.
  • Verbal and written guidelines regarding dress, image and speech.
  • Training in effective telephone techniques and interview skills.
  • On-going guidance for pre-interview preparation and post-interview de-briefing.
  • Negotiation strategies to enhance and optimize the proposed compensation package.

7. You should be willing to commit to the following:

  • Actively pursue the goals and objectives of your marketing plan throughout your campaign.
  • Attend all scheduled consulting sessions.
  • Use your best efforts to follow-up on potential employment leads, contacts and opportunities jointly targeted by you and your consultant.
  • Maintain regular communication with your consultant throughout your campaign.

8. You should not expect your career consulting firm to “place” you, or to find employment for you. We are coaches, and as in sports, career coaches don’t “play the game” for you. That’s your job.

9. You should remember and recognize the fact that ultimate responsibility for the successful completion of your job-search campaign rests with you. It is your responsibility to control your own life and your career.

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