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TTG Consultants Human Resources Consultants Specializing in  Career Management and Corporate Change

Q. How long has TTG Consultants been in business?
A. The firm was founded in 1988, and was in the same location until
October of 2005, when we moved to our current location.

Q. Do you provide job guarantees, or indicate statistical representation?
A. No. We are very proud of our record of accomplishment, but in order to avoid misunderstandings, we do not discuss client re-employment successes, or the number of interviews they obtained, or their compensation increases, or the time required for their re-employment. And – because of the many variables involved in a job-search, we cannot guarantee anyone a job.

Q. For how long are your job-search consulting services offered?
A. The agreement covers one year from the time of a client’s signature. During this time, our client can request continuous advice and counsel through personal meetings and/or by phone.

Q. Is TTG Consultants an employment agency?
A. TTG is a multi-service Human Resources consulting firm. Executive Search is one of those services. We also specialize in Career Management services.

Q. If a client experiences difficulty in his/her job-search, what happens?
A. We do not “give up” on a client. When difficulty occurs, we re-evaluate what has occurred and what will be required to attain the client’s goal. New strategies, more research on organizations, different interview and/or negotiating tactics may be part of the re-evaluated plan.

Q. Why is TTG Consultants unique?
A. The experience and attitude of the TTG Consultants staff, along with the Birkman Profile assessment instrument and the Your FastTrack To Success® rapid re-employment system, are just some of the features that make TTG Consultants unique in Career Management.

Q. What kinds of clients does TTG Consultants service?
A. Since it’s founding in 1988, TTG has worked with a wide range of clients: from corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, educators, government workers and hi-tech professionals. Our clients have come from virtually every industry and function. However, we will not become involved with any client we feel we cannot service properly, and/or for whom our services will not be worthwhile.

Q. Do all clients pay the same fee for your services?
A. No. Each client’s situation is assessed individually. This assessment includes a consideration of the client’s personal marketability, their level of experience and competencies, as well as the perceived difficulty to achieve their re-employment goals. When mutual interest is established, charges and offered services are presented in writing – and carefully reviewed – to ensure that no misunderstandings exist.

Q. What are the qualifications of TTG’s consultants?
A. Members of our staff are all trained professionals in Human Resource consulting and Career Management. Many have had successful careers in Fortune 500 companies, as well as in entrepreneurial ventures and as educators. All have exceptional integrity and ability, and are totally committed to assisting clients in every way possible.

Q. Is TTG Consultants licensed by the State of California?
A. No. The State of California does not require licensing of Career Management firms.

Q. Is TTG Consultants in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the owner involved and on the premises on a daily basis?
A. Yes. David Bowman, the Chairman, is involved with the company daily.

Q. Is the company franchised?
A. No. However, TTG Consultants is a member of Lincolnshire International, a world-wide consortium of similar-sized, owner-operated Career Management firms.

Q. Is TTG’s primary service simply mailings of resumes?
A. No. TTG is a Human Resources consulting company, with a specialty of Career Management – which includes a full range of job-search and career advancement methods and techniques.

Q. Is TTG located in temporary offices (ie: Executive Suites)?
A. No. TTG has been located in permanent facilities since 1988.

Q. Does TTG have a proper business license?
A. Yes. TTG has a business license from the City of Los Angeles.

Q. Are TTG and its consultants accredited by the International Association of Career Consulting Firms (IACCF)?
A. Yes.

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