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Note: All testimonials are available for viewers at TTG's offices.

"David, you're obviously an expert in your field. I was impressed by your thought process."
Tony Robbins; Author, Motivational Speaker & TV Personality

"David, you deserve an award (Oscar) too, for your guiding so many aspirants into Hollywood careers. Keep it up!"
Robert Osborne; Film & Television critic; Author, 75 Years Of The Oscar (The Official History Of The Academy Awards)

"David, your guidance and generosity are greatly appreciated! I will certainly take your suggestions to heart and will be redirecting my efforts as we discussed."
Former CEO of LA Gear

"All is going very well – I'm having a blast! The best decision possible (in answer to, "How's the new job going?")."
Former President of Industrial Light & Magic and Lucas Digital (LucasFilm)

" have always had the ability to see into the future and have products (programs, books, articles, tapes, etc.) ready for when the business and academic world needs them, or figures out that they need them. It is an honor to be your friend."
Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Viacom Int'l

"My experience with TTG was terrific. I was fortunate enough to work directly with Dave Bowman, who was enthusiastic, helpful and generous with both his time and wealth of knowledge about the professional world. I learned a great deal from the program – about myself, resumes, letters, interviews, and about confidence and making the choice that's right for me. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I would highly recommend Dave's group to anyone looking for career guidance.”
Client (in a letter written to Sony New Technologies, her sponsor)

"I don't think I have ever encountered a group of professionals as uniformly outstanding as the people David Bowman has assembled at TTG. Each is truly exceptional. The techniques of networking and target identification they espouse represent the only way to 'win' in a (job) market like the one that exists today."
Client (in a letter written to The Ralph M. Parsons Company, his sponsor)

"David Bowman...made me feel like so much more than just a number."

"The advice was outstanding! Thought provoking to an incredible degree."

"David, I'm a better person because of you."
Client from DreamWorks, SKG

"The tools and concepts you present target the areas that demand attention, and point the way to accommodate those demands."
Client from Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"I was stunned by the accuracy of the Birkman feedback. I now see how this tool can provide valuable information to 1) individuals for career planning, 2) groups or teams for conflict resolution and coaching, and 3) companies for recruitment. I was surprised at the fun and entertaining way in which the feedback was presented – Mr. Bowman has quite a flair for the dramatic."
General Manager, J.L. Moseley Company

"You are helping to create long-term changes in people's lives by providing not just jobs, but a renewed sense of pride and dignity."
Chrysalis Foundation (providing jobs of L.A.'s homeless)

"David, I cannot begin to tell you how much positive feedback we received from students regarding your program."
Program Director, UCLA Student Assn.

"Your guidance prevented a lot of false starts and stops, and something that could have been true drudgery was turned into an adventure."

"You showed me that I was a valuable, marketable product. I now have the ability to know my self worth and I have self-confidence."

"Just a note of appreciation for your energy and support during my recent job-search. Your sense of humor helped alleviate some of the pain and frustration during depressing periods. Certainly the program is a well thought-out one, but it is ultimately your personnel who make it work. Congratulations on having fine people on you team."
Executive Vice President, New Regency Productions; client

"David, your advice was a candle in the dark for me."

"Thank you so much for all of your coaching and encouragement in my latest job search. I'm thrilled to be working for a company where I have responsibility and accountability again."

"David, I am extremely grateful for all of the advice, counsel and emotional support I received from you. I couldn't have gotten through the frustration of changing companies and relocating to a new city without this guidance."
Los Angeles Times

"While I know you are aware of my feeling regarding your excellence in providing outplacement support at Vidal Sassoon, and now at Columbia Pictures, I though you might appreciate hearing that (other staff members) have been similarly impressed."
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Sony Pictures Entertainment (Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures)

"I would like to thank you again for all the assistance you offered me. During my transition, I had the occasion to take a step back and professionally look at myself in a different way. I was able to objectively analyze my strengths and weaknesses, and determine the type of environment in which I would best be suited. And most importantly, I was able to determine what would make me happy in my career. Through the dozen or so interactions I had with you, and through the very informative tapes and reading, I was able to honestly answer many of the questions regarding my career goals. From each session, I was able to come away with a new understanding of what will make me happy, and concurrently, how I should present myself during an interview.

The final result was that I found a better job, paying more money and fulfilling all of my career needs. You were instrumental in my achieving my goals and ultimately finding my new position. The techniques outlined in your program do work, to which I can truly attest."
Worldwide Pay Television, Paramount Pictures; client

"David, thanks for ALL your help. I never would have gotten this (job) without you!"
Vice President, Glendinning Associates; client

"The Birkman (Method Profile) was simply awesome – a remarkable X-ray of my soul!"
Senior Vice President, CBS/Broadcast Group

"David, my new position represents a personal opportunity for me to expand my professional capabilities. I view it as an important advancement in my career. Your help during my recent job-search has been sincerely appreciated. I am very grateful for your time, ideas and encouragement."
Product Manager, Carnation; client

"Thank you for all your help!"
Vice President and General Manager, CBS Television Stations, National Spot Sales

"David, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone on your staff at TTG for the excellent guidance I received, and am particularly grateful to those who went out of their way to help me. For a while, your offices became a second home to me."
Client from Occidental Petroleum

"Without any contacts or referrals, I was able to get myself in the door solely on the strength of my resume. You did that for me, and my hat is off to you, sir."
Corporate Sales Manager, Furama International Hotels; client

"David, your insight, skill and humor cannot be replaced!"
President, Mullin & Associates; Strategic Partner

"I am certain that without your counseling in small business
administration, I would not be fortunate enough to (now) own my own company."

"I want you to know that the services you have provided to Unocal and me can only be described as the highest of character and quality. From your understanding of our situation, to your promptness in providing the services needed, you are hard to beat in the world of outplacement."
Human Resources, Unocal Corporation

"Sincere thanks for the help and guidance you provided me, which exceeded substantially, by any standards, the professional assistance and personal concern anyone could possibly have expected."
Client from Kal Kan Foods

"The loving care you spend in preparation is the greatest gift of all."

"I am so grateful for all your kind, generous and patient help. It really has meant a lot. I don't know if I will ever be able to fully express my appreciation.";

"Under Dave Bowman's guidance, I began a pleasant journey – a journey in self-discovery, forgotten dreams and hidden talents. The results were a confident, self-assured person re-entering the workforce. Dave listened, coached and guided me. (He) boosted my self-confidence, heightened my self-esteem and has landed me my 'dream job'."
Director, Contract Administration, Carsey Werner

"Thank you for all the positive food for thought and support you have given me. Your program can help (one) find a better job."

"The information and approach to outplacement counseling is certainly innovative and unique."
Harris Corporation

"My one-on-one counseling session with Dave Bowman and the material provided by TTG have put me more than a step ahead of anyone who has not completed their program. I have learned a great deal about myself and the business world in general, and am now better prepared to change careers than I otherwise would have been."
Stephen Lohrey; client

"I felt the total TTG methodology, including the content and the individual sessions with highly capable professional staff be excellent...I felt that (it was) like taking the same physical chemistry course from several Nobel Laureates."

"Dave, your insight into career planning has benefited me greatly over the last few months and has helped me to determine what I think my future should be. I had an interview (and) I will be making double what I'm making now! I really appreciate the help that you have given me."

"David, from your seminar I had the confidence to say, 'come back to me (with a higher offer)', and I went from $30,000 to $35,000 in one day. I just wanted to let you know how helpful you were."
Seminar Attendee

"Once again, thanks for all your gracious assistance."
Vice President, Administration, Transit Casualty Insurance Company

"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated today's session, and that I'm incredibly thrilled that our company is beginning to embrace and support the development of these (presentation) skills in our managers."
Senior V.P, Fox Cable Networks Group

"Thank you for a valuable and dynamic class this past Saturday. I was so impressed with your approach, values and commitment. The class was certainly a worthwhile investment in my career. Thank you for a terrific day."
Seminar Attendee

"David, thank you once again! (I had)...a great experience that I am using to build on my future."

"Thanks for helping me get a grip on life post-Lucas(film)...with your wise counsel, I'm in better shape than I would otherwise be."
Client from Industrial Light & Magic

"It's wonderful what you were able to accomplish. Thank you for the personal touch!"
Human Resources Manager, Lucas Arts (Lucas Film)

"WONDERFUL news!! Thanks so much for your assistance..."
Employee Relations Manager; Lucas Digital (Lucas Film)

"David, many grateful thanks for all your help!"
Vice President, Creative Operations; Industrial Light & Magic (LucasFilm, Ltd.)

"Thank you so much for...the advice on Executive Recruiters, industrial sectors and target industries. I appreciate your help and send you my best regards."
Bourin-Consiel, France

"You're an inspiration and a leader in our field."
President, Career Lab; Strategic Partner

"All of your business and organizational teachings have been invaluable."
Former Vice President, Human Resources, Sony Pictures Entertainment

"David, thank you for all your wonderful help with my career."
Client from Met Life

"Thank you...I got a great deal out of (the coaching), and am definitely more pumped-up and ready to hit the ground running with a good

"Thank you very much for your advice and the incredible experience that you provided."

"I want to tell you again, what a GREAT job you did for us! We have been receiving excellent feedback."
Deborah Waitley; Director of Human Resources; Viejas Casino

"Thank you very much. It meant a lot to receive advice from an industry professional. You provided so much useful advice."

"It is because of your involvement that we were able to provide support and motivation to Southern Californians currently challenged with a job search, or attempting a career change. Your involvement was extremely important to the success of the event."
Senior Programming Manager, Los Angeles Times Events

"I am so grateful for your interest in my career. You gave me confidence and insight into my skills and needs. I don't know how to thank you for your kindness."

"I think Xencor did a great job in picking your company to assist us in our job search endeavors. Your kind of commitment and service will definitely be essential to me as I re-start my career."

"I was David Bowman!"
Seminar Attendee

Note: All testimonials are available for viewers at TTG's offices.

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