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Cost Effective TeleCoaching
TTG Consultants can go anywhere in a matter of seconds!

TeleCoaching provides one-on-one Coaching over the telephone from anyplace to anyplace in the World. It is perticularly Cost-Effective for Outplacement Coaching, while using Opening New Doors® as a instructional tool. Thus, TeleCoaching saves travel time and costs.

TeleCoaching Options

The difference among the following three programs is the number of hours devoted to TeleCoaching (by telephone) and the number of job-search issues that can be covered within those limitations. Elements common to each of the three programs include: "OPENING NEW DOORS" as a motivational Learning and Action Guide; Consultant Initiated and Directed Coaching; and the continued use of TTG's toll-fee Counselor Support Hotline until re-employment.

Option "A" -- $600: An employee receives TWO HOURS of personalized Coaching. Because of limited time, the focus will be concentrated on producing a strong, interview-producing Resume. When completed, the employee will receive a laser-printed Resume, which can then be photo-copied for distribution.

Option "B" -- $1000: An employee receives FOUR HOURS of personalized Coaching. The resume is a priority. This program, however, provides for adequate time to explore other important issues relating to the job search process, such as: Skills and Accomplishments, Networking, the Hidden Job Market, Interviewing, Compensation, etc.. In addition, the employee will receive 50 resumes.

Option "C" -- $1500: An employee receives SIX HOURS of personalized Coaching. This is a complete career transition program. All aspects of the job-search/career management process are explored and discussed. Special attention is given to the individual's Resume, Goals, Personal Needs, and Networking/Interviewing/Negotiating Skills. Also included are 100 Resumes and personalized Letterhead -- all printed on fine quality bond paper.

Convenient, Private, Motivational

Many employees prefer TeleCoaching (via telephone) to in-office outplacement, for the following reasons:
  • No Travel
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Private Coaching at Home

  • +
  • We Keep the Employee Motivated and Sharply Focused

Case History

TTG's Internet-Based Job Bank

Participants have access to this unique service, which searches over 100 internet job-listing websites, then compiles, sorts and downloads the listings - by function and location - into our Job Bank. This makes the search for job opportunities on the internet a fast and easy process.

TTG's Unique Instant Office Service

For those participants preferring to implement Outplacement coaching from home, TTG will provide a notebook computer, loaded with the necessary software to conduct a "distance-coaching" program. Included is a resume writing template; a campaign tracking system; access to the Hoover's and Dun & Bradstreet databases for company research; local dial-up ISP access; as well as the compression technology and digital camera for our one-on-one, internet based e-VideoCoaching® (interactive, "on-line" audio & video).


It's Simple -- Upon departure, an employee is given, or sent, a copy of Opening New Doors® -- Within 48-hours, we contact the employee to arrange a Coaching schedule -- Exchange of resume preparation material, assessment questionnaires and cover letters are accomplished by Fax, Mail, Express Mail, or E-mail

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