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E-Video Coaching® is an ideal, Cost-Effective venue for Outplacement/Career-Management, Executive Coaching and Recruiting/Interviewing. It is a point-to-point Video Conferencing System, which can deliver high quality Audio and Video instantaneously from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

The Features of E-Video Coaching® include:
- Audio & Video for Face-to-Face Conversation
- White Board for interactive document or image creation
- Text Exchange for transfering case-sensitive information
   (e.g. passwords), active links and complex jargon
- Application Sharing for PowerPoint® presentations and other documents
- File Exchange/Transfer

E-VideoCoaching® saves travel time and costs. With E-VideoCoaching®, "face-to-face does NOT have to be in-person!"

E-VideoCoaching® Options

The difference among the following three programs is the number of hours devoted to E-VideoCoaching® (via "live" interactive audio & video on the Internet) and the number of job-search issues that can be covered within those limitations. Elements common to each of the three programs include: "OPENING NEW DOORS" as a motivational Learning and Action Guide; Consultant Initiated and Directed Coaching; and the continued use of TTG's toll-fee Counselor Support Hotline until re-employment.

Option "A" -- $750: An employee receives TWO HOURS of personalized Coaching. Because of limited time, the focus will be concentrated on producing a strong, interview-producing Resume. When completed, the employee will receive a laser-printed Resume, which can then be photocopied for distribution.

Option "B" -- $1250: An employee receives FOUR HOURS of personalized Coaching. The resume is a priority. This program, however, provides for adequate time to explore other important issues relating to the job search process, such as: Skills and Accomplishments, Networking, the Hidden Job Market, Interviewing, Compensation, etc.. In addition, the employee will receive a laser printed resume.

Option "C" -- $1750: An employee receives SIX HOURS of personalized Coaching. This is a complete career transition program. All aspects of the job-search/career management process are explored and discussed. Special attention is given to the individual's Resume, Goals, Personal Needs, and Networking/Interviewing/Negotiating Skills. Also included is a laser printed resume.

Convenient, Private, Motivational

Many employees prefer E-VideoCoaching® (via "live" interactive audio & video on the Internet) to in-office outplacement, for the following reasons:
  • No Travel
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Private Coaching at Home
  • +
  • We Keep the Employee Motivated and Sharply Focused

TTG's Internet-Based E-Job Search

Participants have access to this unique service, which searches over 1000 Internet job-listing websites, then compiles, sorts and downloads the listings - by function and location. This makes the search for job opportunities on the Internet a fast and easy process.
Included is a resume writing template and an on-line (virtual) resume/CV; a campaign tracking system; access to the Hoovers, Dun & Bradstreet and Reference USA databases for company research; as well as a digital headset and camera for our one-on-one, Internet based E-VideoCoaching® (interactive, on-line audio & video).


It's Simple -- Upon departure, an employee is given, or sent, a copy of Opening New Doors® -- Within 48-hours, we contact the employee to arrange a Coaching schedule -- Exchange of resume preparation material, assessment questionnaires and cover letters are accomplished by Fax, Mail, Express Mail, or E-mail

Technical Advisor: Rajiv Garg

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