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Need an affordable, "on-line" job-search training program that gets displaced employees back to work quickly – in the right job? Here's...
It's Your Career® — Power It!

Today, job seekers must know: how to ASSESS their careers in terms of their interests, skills and accomplishments; write an interview-generating RESUME; and how to use effective INTERVIEWING & NEGOTIATING tactics. Without this knowledge, they remain unemployed far too long – increasing corporate unemployment insurance rates.

This Internet-based training is AUDIO sequenced to SLIDES, so trainees BOTH see and hear words and sentences AT THE SAME MOMENT – therefore they remember the training better and longer!

The answer to faster re-employment is TTG Consultants' latest e-training program..

It's Your Career® – Power It!
A Job-Search Overview, Covering...

• Career & Self-Assessment
• Interviewing & NegotiatingTechniques
• Effective Resume Preparation
with "Q&A" Role-Play


» Two 20-minute "Audio & Slide" Modules
» A 31-page Downloaded Action/Success Guide
» On-Line Add-On Options from Career Workspace

It's Your Career® — Power It! discusses the realities of finding and landing the right job in the "new" economy and workplace. It's a SUCCESS MAP for today!

It's Your Career® – Power It! is Password Accessed,
and priced so low, every displaced employee should experience it!

Click here for a free online video demonstration
Click here for sample audio clips
Now Available — a cost effective Job Search Workshop Companion in SPANISH.


Career Workspace



24-Hour Access To On-Line Internet Job-Search Help

Through our continuing efforts to meet your career management needs, we have custom designed a high-tech, online service to bring you the best company and industry research tools, international databases and lead generation technology available today.

These online services – together with career and self-assessment, job-search strategy tools and professional resume and cover letter development – provide the most cutting-edge, robust, job-search/career-management system ever offered.

"Career Workspace" Provides Access to Information
Through on-Line Resources & Databases

  • Opening New Doors® –TTG's Rapid Re-Employment System – a 430-page reference/learning/action guide (an encyclopedia for job-search & career-management).

  • A 4-Hour Audio Guide to Job-Search – in mp3 format for downloading to I-Pods.

  • Company & Industry information – Hoovers and Dun & Bradstreet provide access to information about 65 million companies and 85 million people in hundreds of industries – with company overviews, key information, biographies and business intelligence (articles, etc.).

  • Job Leads – technology that continually scans thousands of companies and commercial job-posting sites in over 150 categories for “job trigger events” (actual job posting and other job opportunity events). Thousands of these new “job trigger events” occur every day. This is an extraordinary time saver!

  • Recruiters/Headhunters – access to thousands of recruiters throughout the world to whom resumes can be sent electronically.

  • International Database – surveying worldwide career opportunities.

  • E-library – hundreds of links to relevant career development sites and an A-Z index to find exactly the information needed.

  • Social Media/Networking – users are seamlessly connected to the most used social media/networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) – identifying networking opportunities and prospective contacts.

  • RSS Media Feeds – print, broadcast and digital media feeds about target companies are automatically downloaded and stored.

  • JobSearch – Campaign Tracing & Contact Management – technology that tracks target companies and stores key contacts, notes, resumes, cover letters, and position descriptions for scheduling follow-up calls and interviews.

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