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The Job Game...Playing To Win!
How To "Win the Game" - In The Job Market!

The Easy Way To a Better, Higher Paying Job!
The Fast-Track to Extra-Quality in Life!

"People have to market themselves more aggressively. You'd have to be an idiot to think your position is secure... Become the CEO of 'ME, Inc'" says Tom Peters, management guru. In other words, take charge of your career, and run it like the business it is!

So, you ask, how do I do that? How long will it take? The fact is, most people don't understand that by applying some easy-to-use principles, they can take charge of their careers, move up to a better job - or find a better one elsewhere - in half the usual time. And, that job can pay much more money - because by using these methods and techniques, YOU'LL KNOW HOW TO PROVE YOU'RE WORTH IT! "There's no room for people that coast!", says Peters.

Have you stopped to think about how much money you're losing each day that you're either unemployed or not in that better paying job? For example, if you're unemployed, but were making $72,000 annually, that's $300 per working day you're not earning - nearly four times the limited time cost of The Job Game... Playing to Win! Or maybe you're now employed and making $300 per day, but you really want and deserve a raise.

You 'should' and 'could' be making $500 per day - that's $108,000 yearly - just by knowing a few "secrets" to negotiating a raise, or finding a better job. That's an EXTRA $200 per working day you're NOT EARNING - about 2 1/2 times the limited time cost of The Job Game... Playing to Win!

The Job Game...Playing to Win! will show you how easy it is to negotiate a raise, or find a better job with much more money - to create a higher net worth and more dollars for investment, to provide financial security for you and your family and allow for the better things in life. Yes, you'll find out how to "BEAT YOUR COMPETITION" in the job market!

  • You'll learn how to market yourself with Laser Beam Efficiency (not Shotgun Sloppiness!) - and how to use the internet resume and job posting services.

  • You'll learn why "cold" mailings of resumes are usually a waste of time and money, and may even do more harm than good.

  • If you're going to write letters to prospective companies and headhunters, you'll learn the "secret" to the Barrier-Breaking first paragraph.

  • You'll learn how to give yourself the "upper hand" when responding to ads.

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The Job Game...Playing to Win! is the finest, easiest to use, and most effective Job-Search/Career-Management system ever offered. It represents nearly 20 years of combined, real-life knowledge and experience from nationally respected Career Counselor/Strategist, Dave Bowman, who has helped so many thousands of people quickly find new and rewarding careers - and dramatically increase their net worth and financial security with much more money!

Dave Bowman is founder & Chairman of the Board of TTG Consultants, a nationally known, human resource consulting firm. He is seen and heard regularly on TV and radio talk shows (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox) and frequently writes about career and workplace issues (New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, etc.). His clients include Baskin-Robbins, Blue Cross, CBS, Ernst & Young, Kinko's, Lockheed Martin, Paramount Pictures, Sears, Sony, Tiffany and Time Warner to name only a few. Click here to read Dave's biography.

Previously available only to corporations - and not available in bookstores - The Job Game...Playing to Win! includes ten Audio Cassettes, a 280 page, easy-to-read and implement Action/Success Guide and the world-famous Career Decision Making® System self-assessment guide - to help you decide on specific jobs and careers in different fields. Thousands of corporations have used Dave's dynamic methods and techniques to get their displaced employees back into new jobs after "downsizings!" So - you can bet they work!

You'll discover hundreds of Job-Search/Career Management "insiders" secrets for promotions, raises and career advancement - clues on how to successfully climb the corporate ladder and "stay up there" - secrets that can make the difference between 1) the "right" job and "just" a job, 2) success and failure, 3) more $ and the same or less $ and 4) the same or a higher quality of life.

For example, you'll learn...

  • How to Find and Meet Today's "Hot" HEADHUNTERS.

  • How to Get Your "Scanned" Resume Downloaded from Company Databases- You MUST Use the "RIGHT" CYBERWORDS, or You'll Stay in the Cyberstack!

  • How to Answer, "Tell Me About Yourself" in 2 Minutes - Longer & You're Dead!

  • What a Resume "Can" and "Cannot" Do for You: A Resume CANNOT Get You a Job, but it CAN Lose One for You! "Duties and Responsibilities" Won't Do It!

  • How to Answer, "How Much Were/Are You Making." Tell 'EM and YOU LOSE!

  • Strategies for Presenting Yourself as a PROVEN PRODUCT - worth more $!

  • How to Make the Telephone Work for You: Overcoming "Phone Phobias!"

  • The Secret of the 4 Questions the Interviewer May Never Put into Words - but You Must Answer to be the Winning Candidate!

  • 8 "Invisible" Methods You Can Use to be a Very Active Participant in the Interview - and You'd Better Use Them, Because the Winning Candidate Will!

  • How to Find the "Hidden Agendas" in Interviews - and They're Everywhere!

  • Why and How Self Marketing Letters Can Uncover HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES.

  • The 42 Reasons People Fail at Interviews - and How to Avoid Them.

  • 27 Key Sources of Information About Potential Employers.

  • How to Get the Top $ and Benefits For Any Job.


How Much Does All This Cost?

Now, for a limited time only, you can have The Job Game...Playing to Win! - with Ten Audio Tapes, a 280-Page Action/Success Guide and the world-famous Career Decision Making System - for only $99.00! That's about what you would spend on five or six CD's, or a pair of shoes. But when you buy The Job Game...Playing to Win! , you're making a permanent investment in your future - we call it "Career Insurance." After all, unless you were born wealthy , your job/career pays for your housing, food, car, clothing, and just about everything else you buy. It also provides the "seed" money for your investments - investments that will one day free you from dependence on a job. So, this program just may be the key to your financial freedom!

That's pretty impressive! A single resource (your job) that is the foundation for just about everything you want out of life - so it had better be the "right" one, paying the most dollars!

Is Lifestyle Protection worth $99.00? You bet it is! To order your copy of The Job Game...Playing to Win! Call:

1(800) 736 - 8840
or (323) 936-6600
Fax:(323) 936-6721 Email: Click here
Visa, MasterCard, American Express Accepted

What Others Say About The Strategies And Tactics Found In The Job Game... Playing To Win!

"'s given me renewed energy, enthusiasm and appreciation of who I am, what I have to offer and where I want to go in both a personal and professional sense. I feel like someone has just handed me a new map that highlights a different, yet obvious, route to take to the same place I've been trying to reach all along."

Bonnie Grossblatt, Computer Programmer

"...In particular, the sections on developing a resume, professional references, and implementing a job search campaign were full of fascinating information."

Chris Reiner, Accountant

"...Thank you for all the positive and food-for-thought support that you have given me. I feel that your program can not only help one find a job, it can help one find a better job."

Gary Westling, Sales Manager

"...Thank you. I was able to feel the inner rumblings of confidence once again, not only in my talents, but in the fact that my possibilities are truly limitless, and that I can and will have a fulfilling career doing what makes me happy."

Marion Wheeler, VP Research

"...Thank you for "The Job Game...Playing to Win!". I am very impressed by the scope of the package and the areas that it covers. Undoubtedly, it will play a vital role in my current search."

Desi Kovacs, Facilities Manager

"...As I completed the exercises in the workbook and went back in time evaluating all of my collective work experiences as well as my accomplishments, I discovered lost parts of myself. I realized how little I appreciated my accomplishments, skills, and talent. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all that I have achieved in many different areas."

Robin Herman, Insurance Adjuster

Letters on file at TTG Consultants

Our "TeleCoaching" and "e-VideoCoaching" Options

A unique feature of Dave's The Job Game…Playing To Win! job-search/career-management program are his options for one-on-one coaching via the telephone, or interactive audio/video via the internet.

He calls these TeleCoaching and e-VideoCoachingTM and they're used by Dave's corporate clients all over the U.S. Companies such as Baskin-Robbins, Ernst & Young, Hughes, Kinko's, Lockheed Martin, Olivetti, Sears, Tiffany, Union Oil, Unisys and Warner Brothers (to name only a few) provide Dave's various coaching options to their displaced employees. And - these folks get back to higher paying jobs in record time.

Here's how it works...
Order The Job Game…Playing To Win! at 1-800-736-8840 and indicate that you would also like our TeleCoaching and/or e-VideoCoachingTM program(s). You will then be scheduled for one-on-one coaching - one hour at a time (as much or as little as you need).

Subjects covered in Dave's coaching include:

  • Self-assessment to determine your best job & career "fit."
  • Goal-setting - decide where you want to go in your career.
  • How to create a resume that is accomplishment oriented (and not just contain job titles and "responsibilities"), that has the "cyberwords" which will get it downloaded from scanned databases, and that will generate questions about you and your experience - which will lead to interviews!
  • How and where to find the "right" opportunities.
  • How to write self-marketing letters that will get you past secretaries and into the "Hiring Authorities."
  • How to find the "unadvertised" jobs (those NOT in newspapers, on the internet, or with agencies) that represent about 80% of all jobs.
  • How to find and work with "Headhunters."
  • Interview practice on how to "sell" yourself in interviews and get the offer!
  • Negotiation practice to get you the most $ in salary, benefits, incentives, bonuses and perks - 87% of Dave's clients make more money in their new jobs!

Click here for sample audio clips

TeleCoaching & e-VideoCoachingTM can help you in the same way as a tennis or golf coach can help. Sure, you can learn to play by reading about techniques, and looking at pictures in a book. But having a coach - "live" and in person - correct your swing can make all the difference in the world! It's the same with job-search/career-management coaching. Practicing by yourself in a mirror simply isn't very effective!

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