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Get the Most $ From 9 to 5!
Insider Secrets to Promotions "Beat the System" Strategies To More $! & Promotions!

"Become the CEO of Me, Inc." - take charge of your career, says Tom Peters, management guru. He also says if you're standing still, simply waiting for a raise or promotion, you'll be extinct.

However, you CAN move up, have that raise and promotion! You CAN create personal wealth, achieve financial independence, have more money for investments - even in your current organization! Learn the SUCCESS STRATEGIES in Get The Most $ From 9 To 5! Here are the tactics to succeed, to rise in the organization, to achieve your goals, to increase your net worth.

Your job creates the income for investing. The more you make in your job, the more you'll have to invest - to secure your future, and to have that long vacation, new car, boat or house.

How much have you lost - in just this past year - by not using these career advancing methods to get that raise and/or promotion? These techniques can provide thousands of $ more for you and your family. And, you'll be able to PROVE you're WORTH that increase in $ and responsibility!

Dave Bowman's extra-long Audio Cassette, CD and Action/Success Guide show you how to take charge of your career and manage it like the business it is! You'll be able to create your own job and financial security. Like so many others using this system, you'll LEARN HOW TO…

  • Spot opportunities, market yourself into them and demonstrate you're worth top dollars - making sure the decision-makers know who you are by using Dave's "Visi-Posure" methods!
  • "Sell" your ideas to others! Ideas and innovations are the stair-steps to success today.
  • Stay ahead of the dizzying change in today's workplace - and actually profit from it!
  • Effectively "network" inside the organization & "play politics" - enjoy it and profit from it!

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Dave Bowman is Chairman/Founder of TTG Consultants, a firm specializing in corporate and career change. He is co-author of Opening New Doors, the definitive job-search/career-management guide used by thousands of corporations throughout America. He also co-authored The Job Game…Playing To Win!; It's Your Career! and How Do I Find The Right Job? Ask The Experts? (John Wiley & Sons) - all packed with over 20 years of successful, real-life experience.

Dave's "career advice" frequently is featured on radio and TV talk shows (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), and often he contributes to newspapers and other periodicals (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Miami Herald, Daily News, Investor's Daily, etc...).

For YOURSELF or as a GIFT - it's ideal for holidays or graduations - the cost is only $24.95, a very small investment for proven, "insider" success strategies that will produce dividends for years to come! Anyone can succeed with these methods. But, you have to know about, and use them!

And - there's a 30-day money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied! For Get The Most $ From 9 To 5!, with it's extra-long Audio Cassette, CD and Action/Success Guide @ only $24.95 call:

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