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Recessions cut Jobs, NOT careers. Jobs are for the here and now, careers are your life. Always remember your skills and abilities -- and that you aren't wedded to one business or industry. So, here's what you must do… 

    1. Know your assets (i.e., your skills and accomplishments).
    1. Assess your current (or just past) industry and company -- is it healthy? If not, do a "skills transfer" (i.e., Aerospace).
    1. Keep tabs on the financial health of your company/industry.
    1. How's the department's profitability?
    1. How's the company moral? Is top brass grim-faced with brows furrowed? Are colleagues happy?
    1. Plug into the company or industry grapevine. Where there's smoke there's usually a fire. So how much smoke is there?
    1. Are promotion trends sideways or up? If sideways, there may be less than a bright future for you where you are.
    1. Do you have transferable skills? If not, get some (i.e., computers (IT, or communication/persuasive skills)

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