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Eight Keys to Employability  
  1. Personal Values
    Valued workers:
    • Are honest.
    • Have good self-esteem and a positive self-image.
    • Have personal and career goals.
    • Demonstrate emotional stability.
    • Exhibit a good attitude.
    • Are self-motivated.
    • Do not limit themselves.
  2. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
    Valued workers:
    • Are flexible.
    • Are creative and innovative.
    • Can adapt to changing demands of a job.
    • Can reason and make objective judgements.
    • Keep their mind on several parts of a job at a time.
  3. Relations with Other People
    Valued workers:
    • Work well with peers.
    • Accept authority and supervision.
    • Accept constructive criticism.
    • Are team workers.
    • Are friendly.
    • Are consistent in their relations with people.
    • Are cooperative.
    • Accept assignments pleasantly.
    • Are tactful.
    • Accept all types of people.
    • Respect the rights and property of other people.
    • Have leadership qualities.
  4. Communication Skills
    Valued workers:
    • Ask questions.
    • Seek help when needed.
    • Notify supervisors of absences and the reason for the absences.
    • Clearly express themselves orally.
    • Listen well.
  5. Task-Related Skills
    Valued workers:
    • Complete work on time.
    • Can follow oral, visual, written, and multi-step directions.
    • Are not distracting or distractible.
    • Work neatly.
    • Are precise and meticulous.
    • Care for tools and materials.
    • Are accurate.
    • Constantly improve their performance.
  6. Maturity
    Valued workers:
    • Work well without supervision.
    • Are reliable and dependable.
    • Accept responsibility.
    • Donít let their personal problems interfere with their work.
    • Are willing to perform extra work and work overtime.
    • Are always prepared for work.
    • Show pride in their work.
    • Show initiative.
    • Remain calm and self-controlled.
    • Accept responsibility for their own behavior.
    • Demonstrate maturity in thoughts, actions and deeds.
    • Evaluate their own work.
    • Are patient.
    • Use time wisely.
    • Are assertive when necessary.
    • Show self-confidence.
  7. Health and Safety Habits
    Valued workers:
    • Observe safety rules.
    • Maintain a good work pace and production rate.
    • Practice good personal hygiene.
    • Dress appropriately and are well groomed.
    • Perform well under stress and tension.
    • Have appropriate physical stamina and tolerance for the kind of work they are doing.
    • Are in good health.
  8. Commitment to Job
    Valued workers:
    • Are punctual and have good attendance records.
    • Observe all organization policies.
    • Consider work more than a job.
    • Are interested and enthusiastic.

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