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Corporate layoffs and downsizing have become a daily feature in the newspapers. And – in addition to manufacturing, white collar and service workers are also being hit.

Job security continues to decline, the twin issues of how to protect one’s current job and/or how to find another become critical to every working American.

But – there are newly emerging industries and jobs, born of the globalization of business and the 76 million “baby boomers” soon to be “senior boomers.” There will be extraordinary opportunities in the decade ahead! Some of these are leisure/travel, housing, healthcare, food/beverage, insurance, high tech, space, ocean farming, pollution/waste management, and education/training, to name only a few.

Some of the Problems

  • Worldwide economic changes, as well as our “graying” population, are creating new needs – but what are they, and what opportunities do they represent?

  • 65% of those losing their jobs are white-collar workers. This had never happened before the mid-90s recession . The “suits” are pounding the pavement again.

  • Through a process known as “pancaking,” thousands of middle managers are being squeezed out of American business – where can they go?

  • Manufacturing is moving to “third world” countries – just look at Bridgeport, Gary and Newark.

  • For the first time in recent memory, “service” industry jobs are being lost: bankers, retailers, accountants, lawyers, etc… due to mergers and consolidations.

  • Company loyalty and job security have become unrealistic expectations.

  • Most Americans do not know how to package their skills and effectively sell themselves to a potential employer, or move to another industry.

Some of the Solutions

  • The newly emerging HOT jobs for the new millenium.

  • How to “make it happen” – the job market today a brand new ball game, and the overwhelming advantage will go to those who understand the rules of this new game. So Get Smart!

  • Retraining/re-focusing: the only hope for millions.

  • Career change/the entrepreneurial option.

  • How to look for “early warning” signals of troubled companies and industries.

  • How to tell if a job is in jeopardy.

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