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Asking for a raise is an emotional experience -- both $ and ego are at stake. 

What you must HAVE WITH YOU when you ask for the raise:

  • Performance reviews
  • A list of accomplishments
  • Salary range elsewhere for the same job -- inside and outside the company
    (See Research Sources)
  • Statistics from a recent success
  • Positive body language

Check for ALTERNATE REWARD SYSTEMS (30% of the Fortune 500 use some form of variable compensation for "non-executives" -- professionals, administrators, technicians, production personnel). Source: Towers Perrin

  • Individual incentives (based on company performance and individual achievement)
  • Company Stock (30% of U.S. companies give options for grants to star performers)
  • Instant Incentives (generally 2% to 9% of annual salary)
  • Gainsharing (rewards for increased productivity and/or cost reductions -- most used in manufacturing)
  • Company-wide Incentives (bonuses paid to all employees)
    Based On:

    1. Bonus points for job
    2. Financial performance of employees business unit


  • Look for tough problems to solve
  • Be a team player
  • Build a network of "inside" and "outside" contacts
  • Do something uncommonly well that's important to the company
  • Be positive about change
  • Don't fear failure -- "just do it"
  • "Visiposure"
  • Learn to communicate (written and spoken)
  • Know yourself well (strengths and weaknesses)

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