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  1. Figure out what's needed -- use some intuition, as well as objectivity. Are promotions currently based on …
    • Only performance, or something else
    • Creativity or detail ability
    • "friendship"

    Then work on the needed skills or behaviors.

  2. Ask Your boss and the top brass, How can I make a larger contribution?" Never say, "I want a promotion."

  3. Remember your accomplishments, because no one else will -- particularly as they effect the bottom line.

  4. Show initiative -- make suggestions or develop new ideas. This is a message that says you deserve a promotion.

  5. Volunteer -- at night, after everyone else has left, and the boss and you are still here -- ask if there's anything you can do to help him or her.

  6. Get more schooling -- computer courses for example. Outside or in-house.

  7. Create "visi-posure" -- visible exposure, and be known as an "expert" in your particular job or function.

  8. Be in the right place. Watch career paths of others. Examples: Are fast manufacturing promotions are through plant management? Are consumer goods promotions through sales/marketing?

  9. Find a mentor to help steer your career.

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