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"Your Career Is Like A Business – So Run It Like One!" 
8 Keys To Career Survival… 
  1. Realize your career is your own small business – don't turn it over to anyone else to run
  1. Define who you are and what you can offer – what are your strengths and skills.
  1. Know your customer/employer. To whom will you sell your expertise?
  1. Understand your "value added" issues. Why should the customer/employer buy from you rather than someone else?
  1. Quality and customer/employer satisfaction are paramount for your success. This is true whether the customer is your boss or someone else in the company.
  1. Know what's happening in your business/company. Is it growing, shrinking? Plan ahead to take advantage of the situation.
  1. Be your own R&D department – keep your skills at cutting edge at all times. You must constantly bring out new, better, higher quality products and services.
  1. Always be able to change direction – start a new business/career when the time is right.

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